​​​​​​​​​Cyberqrt is a recognized leader in Computer Security, Systems Engineering, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments and Network Defense to the Federal, State and Local government.  CyberQRT is a Minority, Service Disabled Veteran owned Small business (SDVOSB) specializing in cleared technical staffing and Information Technology Services for the Department of Defense (DOD).  The Quick Reaction Team (QRT) can be called to help mitigate the damage a Cyber incident can have on your bottom line.  Our experienced staff and knowledge of industry security controls allows us to provide a robust security architecture and solution that meet the needs the customer, while remaining cost-effective.  

Cyber Security Analysis & Assessment

  • Penetration Testing

CyberQRT is composed of highly specialized security testers with a passion for enhancing system security postures by demonstrating how they can be broken.  CyberQRT was founded on the belief that we can positively affect our customers, and the industry, by leading the way with capabilities that emulate complex adversarial tradecraft.  We simulate threat actors and evade system defense measures, regardless of the environment.  Whether conducting complex red team operations, network penetration tests or application security assessments, our engineers utilize the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TIPs) of the adversary to demonstrate the true risk our customers face. CyberQRT members actively participate in the information security community, releasing open source toolsets, such as the Veil-Framework and Power Tools, blog posts and whitepapers focused on advancing red team tradecraft.  Our mission is to share these capabilities with the public to empower security testers with the skills they need to better emulate advanced adversaries for their customers, and to improve the security posture of the industry. Our team performs Penetration testing on applications, systems and  networks to ensure a secure environment for our customers.  We follow the below standards as the basis for penetration testing execution: Pre-Engagement Interactions, Intelligence Gathering, Threat Modeling, Vulnerability Analysis, Exploitation, and Post Exploitation Reporting.

  • Certification and Accreditation

Today's organizations face an array of technological and strategic challenges that are more complex and dynamic than ever.  At the same time, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is a critical factor driving cybersecurity decisions.  CyberQRT enables public and private organizations to successfully navigate complicated regulatory landscapes, and provides customized, risk-based solutions to address their unique advisory and assessment needs.  GRC services have been a core capability since our inception, and we devote significant resources to developing new solutions and expertise in this area.  Our approach integrates risk management and compliance to deliver comprehensive regulatory and security services; enable risk-based decision making; and implement fully compliant cybersecurity programs.

  • ​Vulnerability Assessment

Provide a full vulnerability assessment and report outlining any threats identified and offer the optimal solutions. A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying and quantifying vulnerabilities in an environment. It is an in-depth evaluation of your posture, indicating weaknesses as well as providing the appropriate  mitigation procedures required to either eliminate those weaknesses or reduce them to an acceptable level of risk. To do this, most vulnerability assessments follow these general steps: cataloging assets and resources in a system, assigning quantifiable value, and importance to the resources identifying the vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource.  Mitigation or elimination of the most serious vulnerabilities of the most valuable resources is critical.

  • ​​Defense in Depth Recommendation

Provide a layered approach to computer security.  Recommending HIDS, NIDS, Firewalls, and real time threat monitoring when required.

  • Cyber Strategy Consulting

Through our Cyber Strategy & Modernization services, CyberQRT works directly with cybersecurity leaders to improve their cybersecurity program in the aggregate.  By taking a holistic view of where the cybersecurity program fits in the overall business, and how it is structured, operating and performing, we provide solutions to build a mature, adaptive and effective program to address the dynamic tactics from cyber threats.

Systems Engineering

CyberQRT provides experienced and highly skilled personnel for all levels of an organization.  We work closely with our customers to define and decompose their needs and work closely to formulate a strategy for mission success. Our exceptional value and expert staff provides our customers with a competitive advantage across a cross functional team. 

Information Assurance

Our team is comprised of some of the most highly experienced and qualified personnel in the industry to assist our clients in protecting their systems and communications from unauthorized access or degradation. CyberQRT team navigate complex environments, applying proven methodologies and leading practices to help ensure success.  We work with our customer to ensure the pillars of IA (confidentiality, integrity, availability, non-repudiation and authentication) are implemented securely in the evolving technology infrastructure.  Security architecture and infrastructure is becoming increasingly complicated. If you only consider architecture from an IT perspective, you will miss the structural security elements needed to support the evolving technology infrastructure, emerging legislative regulations, and ever-increasing threats. Additionally, broadly skilled staff is incredibly difficult to attract, hire and retain.  Through thousands of engagements, our highly skilled team offers deep and diverse skills, significant expertise in testing and deploying nearly any technology, and a unique ability to help you select the right solution for your environment.  Our experienced IA professionals maintain the highest information security credentials to ensure the knowledge brought to bear in the interest of our customers challenges is timely and state-of-the-art.  We support customers efforts to implement and/or improve Information Systems Security (ISS) for existing systems and for new systems.  This is accomplished by analyzing the system and working with the client to develop a risk assessment that takes into account the criticality of the assets, the value of the assets, and the likelihood of security breaches.  Once the level of acceptable risk is determined, we help select controls that will reduce risk to an acceptable level.  The Government Services Practice then develops an ISS Plan in accordance with national and client guidelines that becomes a component of the customers security policy.  The Government Services Practice can accomplish any one of the steps necessary for implementation of a successful ISS program or we can manage an entire ISS effort, to include internal agency coordination, preparation of contractual ISS requirements, and development of internal ISS procedures.  We can also examine existing ISS programs and procedures to determine compliance with appropriate guidelines and with generally accepted security practices. 

Cyber Operations & Incident Response

Cyberqrt can provide Global Incident Response services for your organization by standing up a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center that will monitor the network environment for the latest threats, perform incident response procedures and assist in the remediation of critical assets.  The team can augment current  SOC staff, build proprietary SOC capability or provide shared SOC capability with other organizations to reduce cost.    

Advance Reverse Engineering

​Cyberqrt documents vulnerabilities and exploits used while analyzing a malware. We analyze, evaluate, and document malicious code behavior. We also identify commonalities and differences between malware samples for purposes of grouping or classifying for attribution purposes. Our team researches vulnerabilities, exploits, zero-day Malware and then provides detailed feedback to our clients' along with a mitigation strategy. 

Network Architecture

Our experienced team reviews and analyzes the layout of our customers network, consisting of the hardware, software, connectivity, communication protocols and mode of transmission, such as wired or wireless to ensure its safety. Our team has significant experience building and deploying non-attribution networks for our customers. 

Cloud Security

CyberQRT leverages out talented security experts to provide scalable, flexible and efficient cloud computing infrastructure for our customers.  We are well versed in security services and cloud implementations in support of Infrastructure as a Service (laaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).  We utilize a tailored approach in designing cloud services with security in mind to ensure success and protect your business.  We can partner with our partners (Azure, AWS, Google) to achieve and implement specific cloud strategy. We ensure necessary security measures, balancing the risk versus reward of cloud computing.

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